Assassin vs Necromancer by Georgina Ballantine

My dark fantasy short story about a kill-shy assassin and a pompous necromancer, published on Short Fiction Break. Add in some bounty hunters, a vengeful lover and 43 dead kids waiting to be resurrected. Enjoy!


…’Randall frowned. ‘The price of resurrection is a human life. I can arrange a reputable assassin to assist you, should you prefer?’

‘I’ll do my own dirty work,’ Jane said. Ha, a reputable assassin, she thought. That’s an oxymoron if ever I heard one.

‘As you wish. I have a number of urgent assassinations pending. Perhaps that dreadful politician, George Atfantis? You went to university together, I believe?’

‘I choose my own contracts, Randall. My kill, my choice…’



Hades: Location, Location

The ferryman awaits

Tired of fighting for the sunlounger at 3 star resorts?

Discover Hades, Greece’s premiere underworld destination complete with gods, monsters and attention-seeking heroes.

With a choice of three, legendary gateways you’re guaranteed an unforgettable start to your Hadean experience.


Favourite of Herakles and Orpheus

800px-Cape_Matapan zoomed

Let’s hear it for the big man!  Herakles (Hercules) chose Cape Tainaron to tackle his twelfth task, the capture of triple-headed Cerberus aka Hades’ pet pooch.

But don’t worry, Cerberus is back, desperate to welcome you with drooling, doggy love.

Justin Bieber, eat your heart out. Orpheus, bard to the gods, sang his way down to his beloved Eurydice via Cape Tainaron.

N.B. Trying to reincarnate your dead honeybun always ends badly.


Favourite of Odysseus and sheep rustlers


Need to reprimand a relative for dying? Need to give your dead hamster one last Krunchie? Welcome to the Temple of Necromancy, home of the infamous oracle of Epirus.

To speak with the deceased come prepared to sacrifice milk, honey and a few innocent, fluffy sheep so the spirits can drink fresh blood. Not for the squeamish, but hey, it was good enough for that swarthy spunk Odysseus, so it’s good enough for us.


Favourite of celebrity stalkers

Aleptyrpa Cave © Greece Ministry of Culture & Tourism

The tardisian cave of Alepotrypa may have served as an ancient celebrity burial ground.  An entire village inhabited the sepulchral innards until the roof collapsed one inauspicious day.

Dodge the ghosts, sidestep the skeletons and you’re on your way to Death Central.

Thanks to AtlasObscuraLiveScience and classical authors Homer, Virgil and Seneca for their informative discourses.

Photo of spooky cave credited with thanks to steve p2008.