Are you searching for an editor who understands your unique voice?

Georgina Ballantine offers professional editing services for fiction and non-fiction.

Her specialisms include fantasy fiction, science fiction and children’s fiction, though her experience covers areas as diverse as travel memoir and legal obligations.

Georgina has over 15 years experience as a freelance and in-house editor, writer and project manager.

Prices vary depending on the scope of your work. Please call Georgina on 0402 111 609 or email firedrakepress@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.


Leon Silver, Author of Dancing With The Hurricane and Sweeties

I’ve worked with Georgina Ballantine and I must say that not only is she an excellent editor in the ‘technical’ meaning of the word (spelling, grammar, etc.), but she also seems to possess ‘Superman’ X-ray vision to look into the substance of the text and see what us mere mortals miss. And what’s more, Georgina cares beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend her.

Anne Donnelly, Author
Georgina’s editing services are professional, timely and very informative. As an emerging author I found her tough but supportive, something very valuable for the growth and development of my craft.
I have already recommended her to my other emerging author colleagues.
Anita Howard, Author
Georgina brings an objective, patient and confident approach to editing. While respecting my ownership of my story, she corrects spelling and grammatical errors and suggests the reshaping of phrases and paragraphs to enhance clarity.
Her overall goal is to help me develop and use my unique voice when writing my stories.
I highly recommend Georgina.
Les Kirkup, Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney

I have used Georgina’s services several times and she has always been prompt, thorough and thoughtful. She has also seen things in the data that I have missed and I very much value her attention to detail.

Trevor Weston, Project Manager at Mira Training Solutions

As Publishing Manager at the National Extension College, UK during the period of Georgina’s employment there, I found Georgina’s work as an editor and project manager to be of a very high standard. I am happy to recommend her without reservation.